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PRVKE Backpack From WANDRD

PRVKE Backpack from WANDRD

Once upon a time, if you had an idea for a really cool backpack that you wanted to make, well, chances are you couldn’t. Or if you could, you’d have to spend lots of money to make it happen at scale. Of course, now all you have to do is go to Kickstarter with a demo version, and BLAM! Next thing you know you’ve raised over $600K and have pre-orders out the wazoo. Man we love the new market economy…

The backpack truth is sometimes hard to believe

Believe it or not, that’s more or less exactly what happened to the team over at WANDRD. Led by two Utah-based brothers, Ryan & Spencer Cope, the PRVKE Pack is the successful result of that effort. And as you can imagine, when you make that big of a splash, people notice. The PRVKE Pack has been featured in Popular Photography, Photo District News, Forbes & CNET to name just a few. And with good reason: it’s an outstanding bag.

Available in two different sizes (21L & 31L), the PRVKE Pack has won several awards for its innovative design. Part travel bag, part military-style rucksack, and all camera bag, the PRVKE is good enough to be your everyday backpack.

Despite its minimalist style, this bag is all about function. Made of durable, water-resistant tarpaulin and nylon dobby, the bag has a roll-style top, keeping your gear safe & dry. Easy access is its mantra, and it has a zip-open, clamshell design that allows full access to the bag’s interior. Inside you’ll find a padded equipment cube that is user-configurable with provided Velcro dividers. A side access pocket enables quick retrieval of your gear, and a slick laptop sleeve help make travel easy.

Whether you are an avid photographer, world traveler or just a weekend warrior, this bag will meet all your needs.

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(**And offering yet further proof that good marketing sells, they made this really cool video for Kickstarter too. Check it out below…)

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