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Royal Doulton Barware

Royal Doulton Barware

Royal Doulton Serves You Well

What’s that you say? You’re still pouring your liquor straight from the bottle? You unsophisticated slacker! Well you happen to be in luck. Our friends at Royal Doulton have an exquisite bar set and it’s on sale just for you. So why not put off purchasing that next pair of skinny jeans, and instead spend it on what really matters: Your Bar.

Scotch, On the Rocks Please…

Featuring a set of 4 Double Old Fashioned glasses and a beautiful square decanter, this bar set screams class. Serve a measure of Scotch or whiskey over ice in these elegant Double Old Fashions and they’ll make your liquor shine. Literally. The diamond design accentuates the rich amber hue of barrel-aged spirits perfectly. And they make you look good too. It’s time you updated your style and stopped serving your good liquor in cheap glasses – or worse yet, plastic cups.

So maybe you’ve already made it past the plastic cup phase. Good on ya. But a good bar always benefits from quality drinkware, and this is some of the best.

For a mere $149, this set of crystal class can be sitting comfortably in your bar, waiting to serve… 

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And There’s More Royal Doulton Barware Just For You

If that set doesn’t fit your needs – or your style – why not choose one of these instead? All on sale – all for you.

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