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SmartWool Gives You the Warm & Fuzzies

Warm Fuzzies For Your Feet, Courtesy of SmartWool

Maybe it’s an age thing, but lately around here we’ve been getting excited about socks. Yes, seriously. It might be due to the fact that – and let’s be honest here – good socks are hard to find. Or maybe it’s because of that feeling you get when you pull on a pair of perfectly made – and perfectly fitted – socks. And that is why we love SmartWool: they deliver every time. 

And you can rest assured that these aren’t your grandma’s itchy scratchies. Wool socks, properly made, can make your outfit. And more importantly, they can make your day. How’s that you ask? Easy. Nothing ruins your day faster than an ill fitting and uncomfortable pair of socks. Think about it: when you slip on your shoes, something as minor as a little pebble can throw you off. Now imagine that your socks are lousy. They itch, they slip, they make your feet sweat. And that odor? No one to blame but yourself. 

But put on a good pair of socks…

In this case, the SmartWool Women’s PhD Run Ultra Light Micro Socks pictured here, and your day gets a whole lot better. The wool is butter soft and helps move and keep moisture away from the feet. Wool is the original smart fabric – unlike cotton, any sweat gets wicked away. And all of this means that the five-hour round of golf you’ll end up playing this afternoon is going to be a hell of a lot more comfortable than it would have been.

And who knows? You might even shoot a lower score because, hey, you’re feet aren’t as tired as they usually are, and even on 18 you still feel comfortable and ready for more.

 And the good news is…

They’re not just for women! Yeah guys, you can get yourself a pair of your very own. You don’t want long? Go short! Don’t like pink ladies? Not a problem – multiple colors can be yours.

Just for you from our partners at SmartWool.

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SmartWool Women's PhD Run Ultra Light Micro Socks - Medium Gray $15.95







SmartWool Men's PhD Run Ultra Light Micro Socks - Light Gray/Dark Blue $15.95

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