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Conceived of during a multi-day internet binge (don’t ask), was launched as our answer to an unfulfilled desire: to find a site that spoke to the style and substance of the modern golfer.

Let’s face it – golf has a fuddy-duddy reputation. Even as young golfers are getting into the game in ever increasing numbers, the intrinsic style of golf hasn’t updated to meet the next generation on their terms. Sure, pants are more tailored and flat brim hats abound, but beyond that players are inheriting a hand-me-down lifestyle that’s too myopic in our view. The world is a big place, and it’s only getting bigger. A golfer’s inspiration is as likely to be found at a concert for their favorite band as it is in a pro shop. So we decided to throw a little slice into the mix…

Inspired by some of our favorite sites from across the net, delivers carefully curated products & insights for everything from travel & equipment to clothing, décor, food, drink and more. theTee is designed for both men & women, and we are committed to bringing the best lifestyle products to the online golf community. We act as a virtual country club to provide a gathering place for the discriminating golfer and serve as their launch pad to the wider online golf world.

What’s next for us? Who knows. But we had to take a swing to find out, and we invite you to play along…

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